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We treat our owner's properties as if they are our own!
The Your Future Property Management team has over 30 years' combined property management experience between them. The secret: They genuinely CARE about lessors and tenants alike and each person's individual needs. We believe customer service is second to none. Due to our experience and knowledge and genuine care for our clients, a rapport is easily built with developers, builders and owners alike. We have not spent thousands on advertising or purchasing rent rolls. Our managements have been through word-of-mouth and leaving a lasting impression on clients.

Does Your Property Need Management?
Questions & Answers

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and one that we are unable to give a guaranteed answer to. Some properties are rented prior to completion of construction and/or the property is even available, while others may take a little longer.
We find that rental properties that are well presented and priced to market, which we will assist you in achieving, are more likely to have quality tenants sourced for more quickly.
At Your Future Property Management we will ensure that you obtain the best possible rental return, with the minimal possible vacancy.
Our application process is very strict; after all we do treat your property as if it were our own. Once a tenant has completed an application our highly trained staff beings the screening process.
  • Prior rental history checked – including interstate and over seas
  • Databases checked for prior default history
  • Employment history – both past and current checked
  • Personal references checked – specific questions asked to determine character/lifestyle
  • Next of Kin contacted – specific questions asked to determine character/lifestyle
  • Ability for affordability accessed
Yes you can although our recommendation to you is to allow pets as 95% of Queenslanders have a pet. We have a very strict “Pet Agreement” which forms part of the Tenancy Agreement.
At Your Future Property Management, we have found in the past that properties that are not pet friendly take longer to secure a quality tenant.
Please feel free to discuss with us what is outlined in our “Pet Agreement”.
You have the option of receiving payments once or twice monthly. Such payments are completed on the 15th day of each month (or next working day if it happens to fall on a weekend or public holiday) and the last working day of each month. Funds are automatically transferred to your nominated bank account.
The fees payable to Your Future Property Management are highly competitive. There is an initial letting fee to secure the best tenant, and a monthly management fee to handle the ongoing management of the property. Contact us to discuss further.
No matter how strict our screening process is it is unfortunate that things can change for your Tenant, which we have no control over. Every bad tenant was once a good tenant.
Did you know that the six most common reasons for Tenant Default in Queensland area, loss of employment, relationship breakdown, ill health, alcohol dependence, gambling & drugs.
It’s not compulsory to have insurance BUT we strongly recommend that you a specific landlord insurance policy in place.
Landlord Insurance protects you in the event of a tenant not paying rent, departing the property early or damaging the property. The cost of landlord insurance is less than 1 week’s rent, and this is a good investment so you can have peace of mind.
We are able to put you in contact with the right people to discuss Landlord Insurance further.
Your Future Property Management will assist you in notifying your current property manager of the change over.
We will arrange recovery of the paperwork and keys from your current property manager, organise for the tenant to be notified, introduce ourselves personally to the tenant. Everything else carries on as usual.
Changing your property management over to us would never be easier.
Your Future Property Management is a self built business; we have worked hard to establish the client bases we have. Won 24 National awards ,No rent rolls have been purchased in the establishment and on going growth of Your Future Property Management. We have won the trust of each and every client; we know what it means to work for the “Client” YOU, the property owner.
A good property manager means that you can sleep soundly knowing your investment is in safe hands. Having an experienced property manager is an essential ingredient in owning a residential investment property. Lack of experience can lead to financial and emotional problems for you, the property owner.
Property owners like you choose to use Your Future Property Management for one simple reason – to ensure your asset is protected.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hi Noeline, thank you very much for the notification. Very pleasing. Further, I wish everyone out there in property management was as easy to deal with and as thorough as you obviously are. Cheers again, have a great weekend.
- Paul